The history and origin of this beautiful stained glass window that dominates the sanctuary is something of a mystery. A date on one of the smaller companion windows would indicate that it was created/dedicated in 1907 which would make the window over 100 years old. It was originally a part of the sanctuary of the new facility that was constructed in 1908, following a fire that destroyed the original church. In that facility the window was divided with one half on the right side of the sanctuary and the other on the left. When the current facility was constructed in 1979 the two halves were brought together to create the massive window that now adorns the sanctuary.

The selection of Madonna and child as the subject of the window is somewhat unusual for a protestant church. In the Gospel of St. John, John uses a series of seven sign stories, each of which is intended to point to Jesus as the Messiah, the Son of God. In keeping with that tradition, the creator of the window has used Mary’s hand to point to Jesus.

The large rose window, which measures 9 feet 2 inches across, is accompanied by four smaller windows that grace the sanctuary. One of those windows bears the date 6-10-07 while a second window is inscribed with the date 9-27-08. It is interesting that this date is approximately one month after the fire that destroyed the original church on 8-28-08. Another window bears a name “Mary Morison” and at this point in time we are uncertain as to the relationship between the name and the windows.